The Metropolitan Room, 34 W. 22nd Street, New York, New York

Cres O'Neal: Live At The Metropolitan Room

It is said that music never leaves the soul. No one knows this more than jazz vocalist and radio personality, Cres O'Neal. On Saturday, July 16, 2016, at 4 pm, Cres will make her long awaited return to the stage at the Metropolitan Room, 34 W 22nd Street, New York, New York. Joining Cres will be Grammy nominated percussionist, Wilson “Chembo" Corniel; award winning pianist, Dawrin Noguera; acclaimed bassist, Paul Beaudry; and acclaimed drummer, Willie Martinez.

Tickets are $24. Space is limited; so, reserve your seats early. Dress is business casual, and the Metropolitan Room has a two drink minimum. Reservations are highly recommended.

About Cres O'Neal

Her theater credits include: Studs Terkle's Working as Lucille Page, Sharon Atkins, and Maggie Holmes; Beehive as Aretha Franklin; The Pajama Game as Gladys Hotchkiss; Guys and Dolls as Adelaid; West Side Story as Anita; Sweet Charity as Helene; Hexegon; David Berger's production of Donald Byrd's, The Harlem Nutcracker; George Faison's production of King; and Your Arms too Short to Box With God to name a few. She has also performed with David Friedman, C.C. Winans, Richard Smallwood, and the Chieftains.

Other credits include: Washington Performing Arts Society, Men and Women of the Gospel, and the 1992 Presidential Inaugural Ball.


"She has an unassuming demeanor; yet, her unique vocals are soothing and explosive. Her powerful, captivating voice exudes emotion that draws you into her space." Leonard Hughes, Washington Post

"Just when you thought the days of the great jazz standards were gone, along comes Cres O'Neal. One of the greatest assets to Cres' vocals is her versatility -- she easily moves from one genre to another, from classical to rock. Cres has a sound that most assuredly can be compared to that of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn." Steve Getz, Son of Stan Getz Son of Stan Getz

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