Scott Yanow on Jazzin Em Up With Cres O'Neal

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February 12 - Jazz Historian/Aurthor/Journalist - Scott Yanow

Scott Yanow has been involved in many projects. Being the Senior Editor for the 3rd edition of the All Music Guide For Jazz resulted in a countless number of CD reviews and biographies being utilized throughout the internet including Pandora Radio. In addition to having written ten books so far (most recently The Jazz Singers) and writing for the Jazz Heritage Club, Scott has written several episodes for the popular jazz radio series Jim Cullum's Riverwalk - Live At The Landing.

He has contributed to virtually all of the major jazz magazines including Downbeat, Jazz Times, Jazziz, Cadence, Coda, The Mississippi Rag, Jazz Forum, Jazz News, The Jazz Report, Planet Jazz, Jazz Now and Jazz Improv.

His 11th book "Great Jazz Guitarists" is due to be published this Spring.


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